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Recommended Conditions

What are the conditions recommended to preserve at best the frozen cells ?

Cells are extremely sensitive to the sequences of freezing then defrosting phases.

Storage at - 80°C is not sufficient for long-term preservation of primary cells and causes irreversible cell damage. This phase has to be the shortest possible.

That's why we watch very closely over the conditions of routing of the frozen cryotubes.

We recommend to store them in liquid nitrogen (< -150°C), right after their delivery.

Cells origin

Do cells come from an unique donor or from several donors ?

In routine, every batch comes from an unique donor.

On request we can prepare batches of cells coming from several donors.

In any case, the traceability of each batch is guaranteed.

PD or Passage

What is the difference between "population doublings" (PD) and "passage"?

A population doubling (PD) is a two-fold increase in the total number of cells during in vitro-culture. The number of PD corresponds to the number of cellular division. Calculating the number of PDs a culture has performed at a certain point, gives an accurate measure of its age. In contrast, the term passage merely refers to the subculturing process, i.e. the detachment of the cells from a culture vessel (using eg. trypsin/EDTA). Replating them at a lower density allows a further cell growth. The word 'passage' does not therefore take into account the different split ratios that can be applied, but only the number of times where cells were removed from their support. Different split ratios produce cultures with an identical number of passages but a varying number of doublings. Passage is therefore only a rough estimate of the actual age of a culture.

Number of passage

At what passage are sold your cells ?

Everything depends on the desired cellular type. Our cells are frozen either at the primary stage of the culture (passage 0) or for example at passage 2. For more information, we invite you to consult our product catalog.

Certain suppliers indicate the passage in which their cells have been cryopreserved in their facilities. Others such as ABCell-bio, the passage indicated on cryotubes corresponds to the passage in which the cells will be once defrosted in your laboratory. This indication seems to us closer to your experimental conditions.

Number of cells

What is the number of cells guaranteed per cryotube ?

The number of cells indicated on a cryotube corresponds to the minimal number of living cells guaranteed after defrosting.

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