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HUVEC Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

The HUVEC are mature endothelial cells isolated from the umbilical cord vein. These adherent cells express all specific markers of endothelial cells, whose surface antigens CD31, CD144 and KDR, and vWF factor, expressed in an intra-cytoplasmic manner. HUVEC are an important tool for the study of angiogenesis, inflammation or atherosclerosis. They are also a solid model in oncology and pharmacology.

Each batch of HUVEC cells produced by us is single donor. The number of cells in our standard packaging is 500,000 cells guaranteed at passage 3 after thawing in your lab. All our HUVEC batches are subject to high quality controls, allowing us to guarantee you efficient cells after thawing. Each batch of HUVEC is tested by an independent laboratory, and is negative for HIV-1/2, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. A detailed technical sheet for each batch of HUVEC produced is provided.

Our internal R&D allows us to continuously improve our production, such as, for example, an optimized freezing process for a better cell viability. The routing and delivery deadlines of your package are important as for the quality of our cells. special attention is therefore brought to our logistics to guarantee you efficient cells.

Each experience, each client is unique. You need more early passages? A different packaging? Expert in the field of vascular biology, we can advise you and provide specific solutions.

ABCell-Bio only guarantees the performance of its cells when grown under recommended conditions.

WARNING: These cells are intended for scientific use only; not for medical, human or veterinary purposes.

HUVEC Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

More informations

Reference HUVEC-CT-CG
Applications Angiogenesis - Inflammation - Oncology - Pharmacology
Caracteristics 500 000 cells cryopreserved - single donor - Passage 3 Phenotypical (CD31, CD144, KDR, vWF) and functional characterizations of the cells


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