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HLA Genotyping

The HLA (Human Leucocyte Antigen) system is a component of the immune system, allowing the discrimination between self and non-self. It is a gene complex located on chromosome 6 and encoding the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) class I and class II proteins in humans. Class II HLA proteins are present on antigen presenting cells and are involved in the activation of CD4+ lymphocytes.

All human nucleated cells express on their surface an individual-specific combination of HLA class I and class II proteins, and high inter-individual diversity (a.k.a. polymorphism) is observed. Due to this high polymorphism, the HLA system is an important factor determining potential compatibility during graft transplantation. Furthermore, certain HLA molecules are associated with susceptibility or resistance to pathologies, such as autoimmune or infectious diseases. This great diversity involves also interindividual differences on innate and adaptive immune responses.

We propose the HLA genotyping of our hæmatopoietic cells, allowing you to obtain characterized cells that are most relevant to your research topic. The two levels of resolution, generic and allelic, can be performed according to the requested HLA. For each genotyping, a detailed report is provided.

You want more information about this service, or a request for specific haplotypes? Our team is at your service.

WARNING: This product is intended for research. It should never be used in humans.

HLA Genotyping

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