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Early cell passages

In cell culture, passages are essential for maintenance of cells. After confluence, the principal objective of the passage is to bring along/provide a larger area culture with a renewed medium. Cells are seeded at an adapted density for good proliferation. Several passages at regular intervals maintain the culture and allow to obtain a large number of cells.

Useful and sometimes obligatory for experiment, the passages are also the origin of cells drifts. Indeed, phenotypic, morphological, functional or chromosomal characteristics of cells can be affected. In the case of primary cell culture, passages bring early replicative senescence.

At ABCell-Bio we know all constraints of cell culture, and the importance of preserving the native potential of cells.

Our team of experts work on the possibility of offering you the most adapted passages for each cell type, while guaranteeing you all the tests of characterization, functionality, virology and microbiological cleanness...

Early cell passages

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Reference Early cell passages
Applications Preservation of native potential
Caracteristics Differents passages, earliest possible


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