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Our team

ABCell-Bio introduces you its team of experts. Multidisciplinary and available, they are listening to you and your projects.

Troels Kristiansen

Troels Kristiansen joined ABCell-bio as President ...

Georges Uzan

Scientific Director
Scientific president of council. Study leader to t ...

Mélanie Lavergne

Ph.D Development and quality Manager
Following a technical university degree in biologi ...

Sandra Torres

Cells Production Manager
Holder of a master degree "Fundamentals basis of N ...


2006 - Founding

ABCell-Bio is created by Jean-Pierre Mouscadet, Control Comity President since 2009.

2008 - Deals & Partnerships

License agreement and know-how transfer about the cultur media with AbCys (SYN-H and SPE-IV medium)

Research partnership with Inserm Paul Brousse laboratoriy and settle on site in Villejuif.

Opening of a new building in Montpellier (UTCG Saint Eloi)

2009 - Presidency change and collaboration

Christophe Conway becomes president after Jean-Pierre Mouscadet.

Know-how transfer about stem cells culture with Inserm Transfert.

2010 - Two new ranges of products

Hematopoietic range launch: CD34+ SC

Endothelial range launch: EPC, HUVEC, HUAEC

2011 - Third range of products

Launch of the tissue regeneration range: MSC

2012 - One word: Quality

Successful implementation of the quality management system.

2014 - New services

Launch of the service : HLA genotyping of the CD34+ stem cells

2015 - Biowest and Bio-Elpida

Distribution agreement of the culture media with Biowest which become ABCell-Bio shareholder.

Collaboration agreement with Bio-Elpida for the GMP production of the culture media.

2016 - Genopole

ABCell-Bio brings back together all its activities in the biocluster Genopole in Evry : new offices and labs.

Our skills

Collection and supply of raw biological material
Cell extraction and culture
Developpment of methods and process for custom production
Technical customer care
Our commitment ? To offer you high quality products associated with scientific and technical support.